Execution & Erection

  • Pre Curving and assembly of Sheets are done at Site.
  • The process allows High Speed Erection of Roofing Sheets giving installation speed of around 1500 sq. m. in 12 hrs.
  • After Erection, it is bolted with the supporting structure by Self Splitting screws or Nuts & Bolts.
  • The Pre Curved K Span Sheet, after launching is fixed at the supporting structure or eave with self-splitting High Tensile Screws or Nuts & Bolts.
  • In case of single span, side/End Support with gutters for collection and disposal of rainwater is needed.
  • In case of multiple spans the center support with gutter is required.
  • These supports with gutters can be RCC or Steel.

The Safest Distance Between Two Points.